Esfahan Documentation

Esfahan Setup

  • Download Esfahan Theme from
  • Log into your WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes and click Add New
  • Then Click on Upload Theme button
  • Click on Choose File button and select file that you have already downloaded
  • Click on Install Now Button
  • Click on Activate. You are done!


Basic Setup

If you are not a WordPress beginner and you’ve just skipped the demo content setup you should get the basic idea how this theme works.


Esfahan has 5 unique header styles. To set the desired header style, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header Styles, select the style you like for your website.
Here you will also find a lot of other settings, to customize the look and content of the header.

Blog Layout

Esfahan has 4 unique blog layouts. To set the desired layout style, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Blog Layout, select the style you like for your website.
Here you will also find a lot of other settings, to show or hide, the other related data like thumbnails, date, categories, author name and comments which appear in the blog listings.


Main Menu also supports multi level sub menus.
To setup Main Menu navigate to Appearance > Menus, create a new menu, add menu items and set Display Location to “Main Menu” then click on Save Menu button.

Logo Setup

To set up a Logo navigate to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity > Logo Setup. Select an Image from Media Library or upload a new one.
Also, you can Show/Hide Tagline under the Logo image. Use Display Site Title and Tagline checkbox for that.

Social Media

Header Social Icons
To set up Social Media Icons navigate to Appearance > Widgets > Social Media Icons, insert the links for the respective social media icons to become visible. These icons will appear in the header of the website.

Widgets Social Icons in Sidebar and Footer
To set up Social Media Icons in the Sidebar or Footer go to Appearance > Widgets > Available Widgets > Esfahan: Social Icons, drag and drop the “Esfahan: Social Icons” widget to the desired Foooter or Sidebar location. insert the links for the respective social media icons you want to appear.


Featured Sections

In the featured area you can display Featured Slider and Feautred Links (promo boxes).

Featured Slider

Enable Featured Slider from Appearance > Customize > Featured Post Slider. Click the checkbox “Enable Featured Post Slider” to enable the slider. You can display All Posts or posts by Category in the slider. Also you can set the Number of Slides, which will limit the posts in the slider.
Please note that the post which does NOT have the Featured Image set will NOT appear in the slider.
You can also enable/disable Navigation Arrows, Pagination Dots and other elements as well.

Featured Links (Pro)

Featured Links or Promo Boxes will showcase your custom links or links to pages on your website. Go to Appearance > Customize > Featured Links and enable them via global checkbox. Then you should set a Title, URL and an Image, but note that without images they won’t work properly.